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Amor en la Isla - Love on the Island
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"An odyssey of love and romance!"

Love Routes vacation is a unique treat for couples and the ingredients are surprise elements, adventure activities, luxury spa, dream photo-shoots and sumptuous moments meant to mesmerize.
We design the experiences, moments, and realities on a journey that is extraordinary and gives meaning to everything you do. We blend the digital era lifestyle and the ancient art of love making to enthrall your senses on your love route.

ResortRoute is a travel experience designer group. We specialize in creating vacations we call Routes, because every journey is about the road taken. Our passion is making unique moments for every traveler- solo, couples, family, friends!

Love Routes is our most cherished vacation product designed for couples who love life, luxury and leisure!


Vacation planner for Loveroutes experience.

Why Us?

  • We value your need to experience togetherness, luxury, and safety.
  • We design vacations that are awe-inspiring even to your friends and family.
  • We bring to you a well-planned, well-researched, hassle-free, transparent trip.
  • We promise privacy and security at all times during your stay.
  • We let you choose the surprise elements on your journey.
  • We are inspired by LOVE and dream; Revive the Ancient Indian Love Story in Digital Era.
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Always Connected

Information and technology, all on tips and well planned for seamless connectivity.

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Unique Experience

Create experiences that merge passion, creativity, desires, hopes, and much more...

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Safe, Secure & Friendly

Careful assessment of the accommodation to ensure safety and friendliness all the way.

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Be Yourself.

Locations that bring exclusivity and privacy to enable you to stay comfortable and yourself.

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Lifetime Memories

Locations that bring exclusivity and privacy to enable you to stay comfortable and yourself.

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